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The golden key to health
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The golden key to health

Balanced diet is the foundation for health and intelligence. In order for the body to work continuously and effectively we need to constantly provide nutrients through our daily meals. Nutrition experts recommend that choosing a symmetrical food is the golden key to consumers' health.

Precious nutrients from nature …

Benefits from fish, fish products have long been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect in preventing cardiovascular diseases, good support for the eyes and brain. In particular, in the fat ingredient of fish contains abundant natural nutrients such as omega 3 to help lower cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, DHA / EPA good for the brain, Vitamin A, E good for the eyes. Therefore, consumers always want to add this source of fat to their family's daily diet, through delicious food or functional foods (fish oil, omega3 oil, DHA...).

As a country with more than 2,300 rivers, Vietnam has an extremely rich and diverse source of fish. Prominent among them is the Vietnamese catfish, which is highly appreciated by the advanced countries in the world such as Japan, Korea, Europe, … See tremendous potential from fat sources have high nutritional value, Sao Mai Group has pioneered the investment, research and development of Ranee product line - 100% premium cooking oil from fish first in Vietnam. Ranee is an optimal choice for consumers with outstanding value and quality. 


 Pangasius contains many nutritive values for human health

to premium cooking oil branded Ranee

Enterprises deeply understand the needs of consumers and conscientiousness in quality. In parallel with the worry, the desire to care for the health of millions of Vietnamese people, Ranee cooking oil from the beginning of a completely new field on the market has brought to consumers a product that provides all the essential nutrients from fish on every daily meal. Ranee brand gradually conquers and captures customers' trust.

Affirmation for product quality, Deputy Director of National Institute of Nutrition Assoc.Prof. Dr. Truong Tuyet Mai presented the research on the benefits and nutritional value that Ranee 100% premium cooking oil from fish brings to health at the Scientific Deminar in Da Nang in 2016. Succeeding in pioneering the application of modern refined physical technology in production, with a line imported directly from Belgium's Desmet Ballestra Group, Asian Fish Oil Joint Stock Company (a member of Sao Mai Group) has launched Ranee branded products. This is a product with an eye-catching design, golden oil droplets and superior quality are strictly controlled by international standards HACCP, Halal ....

Ranee - international quality standard

As a companion to consumers' health in every daily meal, Ranee role as a guideline for nourishing meals in fried, stir-fried, salad dressings, ... is the answer to the problem of nutritional balance of the body. Affirming for quality, belief and favorite of consumers, Ranee has continuously received prestigious awards such as: Top 100 trusted products and services in 2019, VAFF Gold Medal for public health, Top 100 best products and services for families and children…

Ranee is a cooking oil with all ingredients made from fish, pioneering in the market, providing natural nutrients that contribute to health care for consumers. Moreover, Ranee is also an indispensable spice in the kitchen of the housewife because it makes the dish more delicious. Ranee cooking oil not only brings an advanced nutrition secret from fish but also the pride of a product made in Vietnam that is exported to many countries around the world and constantly expanding. 




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